My Place

The Playroom

I strive to create a warm and calm environment that evokes investigation and curiosity, creativity and problem solving. The playroom holds a variety of toys, loose parts, large collection of books, puzzles and games, floor mat piano, sensory boxes, kitchen area, craft time, circle time “such as: weather, calendar & etc”, dressed up “costumes”, puppet dolls, exclusively meditation daily hour and more. All are rotated to keep things fun and interesting.

We spend most of our indoor time on the sunny, bright main level of my home. In the playroom we enjoy French & English educational activities and games. Meditation daily hour which helps the child to relax, explore their feelings and develop their imaginations skills, then there would be a sharing circle which will allow each child to share their own feelings to the group. The benefits of meditation for kids is help them to focus, remain calm when something upset them and to deal with stress and anxiety.

In addition, Music and creative movement, story time and reading, puzzles, games, free play with the toys, loose parts, exploring nature materials using sensory bins.

The Backyard Playground

The children and I spend much of each day playing outside in all seasons. Unless it is dangerously cold (school closure, extreme windchill/frostbite warning) we will be going outside and everyone must have weather appropriate outdoor clothing.

We enjoy many outdoor activities; winter sledding, building snowmen, forts, ice sculptures, kite flying, catch, puddle jumping, gardening, summer picnics, water fun days in the kiddie pool, sand table play, Kids play BBQ, fall leaf piles, morning walks, kids safe slide and etc…